How do I add my license number and biennium date for the CE certification?

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In order to assume continuing education certificates are accurate, all users must first enter their ARRT or ASRT license number and Biennium date into the Credentials section.
Certificates can not be downloaded until the account owner's license number and Biennium date have been added and saved to the user account.
 License number and Biennium date can not be updated once they have been added and submitted.
ARRT license number and biennium date can be found by accessing your account at
Steps for adding user account license number and biennium date to the certification portal:
  1. Access your account at
  2. Click on your avatar or initials at the top right of the platform page
  3. Select "Certifications" on the dropdown menu
  4. Enter your ASRT or ARRT license number
  5. Enter your biennium month and year (biennium date is located on your profile at

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