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How do I purchase access codes for an incoming group of students?

The purchase process is initiated by the program director or other administrator in the program. Once program faculty have initiated the bookstore purchase process, a Clover Learning representative will email bookstore personnel a PO request. 

How will I receive the access codes?

Access codes are sent in digital postcard format via email. You will receive a Dropbox file containing the following information:

  • A master list of the access codes included in your order.
  • A document containing all of your digital postcards combined into one file.
  • A file containing individual digital postcard documents.
  • A copy of the PO associated with the order

How long will it take me to receive the access codes?

Once we receive the PO associated with your order, you will receive an email containing the digital postcards within 3-5 business days.

Where should I send my PO?

Please send your PO to the Clover Learning associate who is assisting you with your order. Alternatively, you can send your PO to sales@cloverlearning.com.

Can I pay with a credit card or ACH?

Once your order is processed you will receive an email with the subject line “Your order is complete! Invoice XXXX from Clover Learning Inc.”  To pay the invoice online, you will click the button shown below. This will give you the option to pay via card or ACH.

pay online.png

How do I purchase additional access codes after my purchase is finalized?

To purchase additional access codes after your purchase is finalized, simply send a Purchase Order (PO) request to your designated Clover Learning contact or email the PO to sales@cloverlearning.com. We will process your PO and send your additional access codes within 3-5 business days.

Can I return unsold access codes?

If you have an access code that is unsold, you have two options. They are as follows:

  1. Our access codes never expire as long as they haven't been redeemed. So, you can hang onto the unsold access code and use it for a future cohort. 
  2. Send your bookstore's chargeback form and any unsold access codes to accounts@cloverlearning.com

What are the ISBN numbers for your products?

The ISBN numbers for our most popular access lengths are listed in the table below:

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 10.16.19 AM.png

If you need an ISBN number for an access length not listed above please reach out to the Clover Learning associate helping you with your order or email sales@cloverlearning.com.

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