What is the repurchase process for direct purchases?

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At Clover Learning we provide you with robust, up-to-date educational resources that will support the success of your students, your faculty, and you.

Our purchase process streamlines requests for a seamless customer experience. This article details the repurchase processes for programs that are using our Direct Purchase option.

Direct Purchase - Repurchase Process

The following process will be used by programs who are repurchasing directly from Clover Learning:

Direct Repurchase.png

1. Estimate Request Survey: This survey will give us all of the information we need to create the purchase proposal and your new group on the Clover Learning platform. Use the following link to access the Estimate Request Survey:

Click to Access the Estimate Request Survey

2. Purchase Proposal: You will receive a purchase proposal containing a quote for the institutional licenses requested in the Estimate Request Survey.

3. Purchase Order: This step may or may not be required. If your program requires a PO we will request the PO during this step.

4. Access Code Delivery: Once the purchase proposal is signed (or PO is received if one is required) we will set up your partner account and send you your access codes. 

7. Invoice: Your invoice will be sent according to any instructions we received in your purchase proposal.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase process please email us at sales@cloverlearning.com

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