What happens if a students drops from my program?

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If you have a student drop from your program you can fill out the Academic License Credit Request Survey located on our Resources page. To qualify for a credit the following criteria must be met:
  1. The request must be received within twelve (12) months of the purchase date of the institutional license(s) for which the credit is being requested.
  2. Less than 50% of the access granted by the institutional license(s) has been used.
  3. The institutional license(s) must have been purchased directly through the program. Bookstore purchases do not qualify for credit.
If an academic license meets the above criteria you will receive a credit for that license in the form of a dollar amount on your next purchase. You can access the Academic License Credit Request Survey by clicking the following link:
Please note: The credit described above is only for programs that purchase Clover Learning directly through their program, not the bookstore. If you are a bookstore manager needing to know what to do with your unused access codes, please send your bookstore's chargeback form to accounts@cloverlearning.com
If you have any questions please reach out to your program's dedicated Customer Success Manager or email support@cloverlearning.com

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