Can you guide me on how to buy RadTechBootCamp or CTtechBootCamp?

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Here at Clover Learning, we are dedicated to advancing and innovating in the education space. Our primary focus is to provide our current and future customers with the highest quality educational resources and learning experiences possible. In order to maintain our commitment to excellence, we have decided to discontinue our "bootcamp" products, RadTechBootCamp and CTtechBootCamp. This decision will allow us to improve our services and offer our valued customers even greater value, flexibility, and a more comprehensive learning experience.

We are excited to introduce our two new products, the Student and Professional Plans. These products provide current and future customers access to all available courses and certification exam prep question banks within the Clover Learning platform. Think of these new plans like a Netflix subscription, where you have access to everything on the platform. Additionally, customers will have instantaneous access to all future courses and qbanks as they are released.

Please contact us at with any further questions. We are happy to help!


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