Educator Migration FAQ

Educator Migration FAQ

What You Need to Know

Migration process: Active academic license accounts will migrate through a rolling migration process. The rolling migration process will begin Monday, May 24, and end Monday, June 14. This process will consist of all active academic license program accounts placed in one of four migration groups. The date of your migration will depend on the group in which your program account has been set.

Non-migratable data: Due to technical factors beyond our control, student data such as lesson progress (green checkmarks), saved bookmarks, and notes cannot migrate into the new platform and will be lost once your program account has been migrated to the new platform.

Note: You will still be able to view student engagement and assignment history within the Pulse reporting dashboard.

The Clover Learning platform: The new Clover Learning platform is designed to increase our users' learning experience and engagement. With the new platform design, some workflows and pages will be different from what they are now. Additionally, some features will not be present on the new platform (badges, quiz builder, and global bookmarks).

Note: Throughout the migration, the functionality of the Exam Prep Tool and Pulse will remain unchanged.

Course structure: RadTechBootCamp - Core has been "unbundled" and restructured. The same great content that already exists in RadTechBootCamp - Core will now be segmented into six individual topic-focused courses. Our goal for segmenting Core into smaller courses was to help in organizing key topics and principles.

New Clover Learning website and Logo: A new, redesigned website will be launched on May 10th to coincide with the migration of our non-academic license customers. Additionally, the and websites will be consolidated to the new website.

Account authorization process: Once migrated to the new platform, all users and admins will need to complete an account authorization process. This process will include entering the email address associated with your account into a new sign-in page and creating a new password via an emailed link.

Due to the limitations of the migration process, course progress and bookmark data will need to be documented for future reference. Notes that were created within the course notes feature should additionally be downloaded before migration.

Although we have taken great care to ensure all user data and accounts migrate to the new platform seamlessly, we still ask that you prepare accordingly in the event of a gap in course content and platform access.


How will I know when our program admin account has been migrated? A migration confirmation email will be sent to all admins associated with the migrated account notifying them that their admin account has been migrated to the new learning platform.

What should we expect when our admin account is migrated? We have gone to great lengths to ensure the migration process goes as smoothly as possible. Our hope and expectation are that once your program account has been migrated to the new platform, all admins and students will have no issues accessing the new platform and provisioned content.

If you, your students, or admins experience any issues associated with your program account migration, we will be providing dedicated email support via

How do I access my account after migration? The process for admins and students to access their accounts has not changed. Admins and students will continue to access their accounts through the sign-in link at

Can our program choose to stay on the old platform? Due to the terms of the third-party software company that manages our current learning platform, all academic license program accounts must be migrated to the new platform by June 14th.

Will there be onboarding documentation available for the new platform? Yes, we intend to provide video and text onboarding documentation for admins and users to support the transition to the new learning platform.

Will Clover Learning notify our students once their accounts have been migrated to the new platform? We ask the program director and educators to disseminate all platform migration information and dates to their students.

Can I request a specific date to have our program account migrated? The program director or contact person associated with the academic license account may request a platform migration date (between May 24th and June 14th) by contacting us at

Note: We can not guarantee the requested date but will do our best to accommodate all requests.

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