How do I provide feedback on Clover Learning Content?

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At Clover Learning, we value the feedback of our users! In fact, this feedback serves as a guide to our decisions regarding content updates and additions. Providing feedback on our platform is a simple process that can be completed easily as you progress through our content.

Please note: Rest assured that our team manually reviews each and every piece of feedback submitted. If a legitimate issue is reported, we will work to correct it as soon as possible. Due to the volume, users may not receive a personalized response to their feedback submissions. 


To submit feedback, please follow the steps below. 


1. Click on the "Report this question" link at the bottom right corner of the question.


2. Complete the following form and hit "Submit"




1. Click on the comment icon in the bottom right corner. 


2. Use the "Speak to Someone" option to submit feedback. Please be specific and include the lesson you are watching.


If you have any more questions or need anything else, please let us know at


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