At Clover Learning, we aim to provide exceptional content using the best instructional methods and technology. To ensure this quality, we launched a radiography initiative in the Fall of 2022 that involved the review of all our learning content within RadTechBootCamp. We evaluated and revised content based on best practices, accuracy, and the use of professional animations. 

The following will provide more information on the changes that have been made within RadTechBootCamp.


Phase III: Launch - April 10th 2023

 Summary of changes: 

  • Scope: X-Ray Production and Safety
  • Lessons: 
    • All videos within the course listed above have been updated with revised scripting, design and animation.
    • 2 original lessons will be removed.
    • 1 lesson renamed. 
    • 5 completely new lessons within the Radiation Protection module.
  • Quizzes: Quizzes are updated to better reflect best assessment practices and more clearly connect the concepts in the video to questions. All lesson quizzes will have ten or more questions each.
  • Pulse Reporting: 
    • After the week of April 10th, results for quizzes in Pulse will reflect both the original quiz and the updated version. All scores will remain accessible through Pulse.
    • If a lesson marked complete is removed and replaced, the new lesson will not be considered complete. This will be reflected in Learn and Pulse.
    • If a lesson is simply removed, any historic information regarding that lesson such as its completion will also be removed from Pulse.

Please see tables below for further details on lesson changes.


Lesson Name Update
Collimation New lesson - expanding concepts
Light Field New lesson - expanding concepts
Filtration New lesson - expanding concepts
Filtration Measurements New lesson - expanding concepts
Half-Value Layer New lesson - expanding concepts
Early and Late Effects of Radiation Exposure Renamed lesson, previously - Long-term vs. Short-term Effects
Somatic and Genetic Effects Deleted - No longer tested on the registry.
Genetic Effects of Radiation Deleted - No longer tested on the registry.

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