The pursuit of excellence never stops! In December of 2020, we released an entirely new course within RadTechBootCamp - Fundamentals of Fluoroscopic Imaging. However, we did not want to stop there. We are excited to announce the release of 11 more videos and 2 accompanying quizzes on January the 24th 2023!


The course will now include the following videos:

(New videos indicated by an asterisk)

Equipment Operation Module:

  • Fluoroscopy Overview
  • *R/F Room
  • *Fluoroscopic Clinical Applications
  • Fluoroscopy Image Intensifiers
  • Fluoroscopy Brightness Gain
  • Fluoroscopy Recording Systems
  • Fluoroscopy Spot Imaging
  • Fluoroscopy Multifield Intensification
  • Pulsed Fluoroscopy
  • *Frame Averaging
  • Fluoroscopy Flat Panel Detectors I
  • Fluoroscopy Flat Panel Detectors II
  • Fluoroscopy Grids
  • *Fluoroscopic Image Quality

Radiation Safety Module:

  • *Radiation Protection
  • *Radiation Safety
  • *Fluoroscopy Exposure Factors
  • *Iso Exposures Curves
  • *Fluoroscopic Dose Measurements
  • *Modes of Operation
  • *Automatic Brightness Control

We hope that you find these lessons to be a helpful addition to your studies! As we release this new content, we would love to hear what you think. For thoughts and feedback, send us an email at

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